Hello, and welcome to our blog. My name is Alessia. I live with my other half, and dog in a small village in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy.   

This page is where I come to relax. Here I am free to explore and share with you the things in life I’m most passionate about. Some of those things include living a healthier lifestyle, photography and design.  

I’m not a cook. I’m not a professional. I have no arty qualifications. But I do have an eye for composition, and so I contribute by taking pictures. I use an entry level Canon DSLR, and a cheap tripod my boyfriend bought as a birthday present. 

So why food? Really it’s simple. It’s our fuel. We are what we eat. What we put in our bodies has a direct link to our overall health and mind. After years of drinking cow’s milk, believing the calcium was good for my teeth and bones I then found out I have an intolerance to lactose. No big deal. I switched to a certain branded rice drink and haven’t looked back. Even as a child I never ate much meat so giving it up completely wasn’t difficult. I have considered giving up fish but right now my love for sushi and smoked salmon bagels is just too great.  

Some of my other favourite things include…
Wine, summer, post-punk, kale, fresh bed sheets, browsing antique markets, scrambled eggs and avocado toast

If you would like to find out more about diet and how eating animal products effects our bodies, feel free to browse around the books we listed in our library section.

Hi, I’m Tom, the other half. I left culinary school back in 2002 and in total have spent 12 or so years working in different roles within the hotel and restaurant trade.  From waiter to pot washer to flipping burgers to chef, my adventures have taken me from my home town of Kettering, England, to the city of Bristol, then to London and finally to Italy. I have never had any desire for a big career, and much less the responsibility of organizing my own ship in such a tough, competitive and brutal industry. I just love food and cooking for friends and family.

In 2012 I got into baking bread. And like most people I started out using commercial yeast.  Whether it was fresh or powdered in sachets I was achieving not too bad results. Until I was given a book called Tartine Bread. It’s because of this book that I now bake using my own starter 2 to 3 times a week for Alessia’s family and of course for ourselves. I'll be sharing with you some of the things I have learnt.

I also have a real passion for woodworking. I don't really buy wood though, I tend to build using mainly recycled materials like pallet wood not only because it's free, but also for ethical reasons in regards to minimising on waste. I hate to see something carelessly discarded when it could be put to good use. Wood is an important and versatile resource for us. It provides a roof over our heads, a chair to sit on, a work table for kneading bread dough, heat in the winter.

Patience is a real virtue in woodworking and it's teaching me to take my time and work with the flow of the natural fibres and not against them. 

Since giving up full time work I’ve been lucky enough to be able to transform our small cellar into something that could be called a woodwork shop. A place where I can take on commissions from time to time, and DIY jobs around the house. I build a lot of my own tools for example I have a very strong and sturdy bench complete with holes for my home made bench dogs, a twin screw vise, the homemade table saw, and a rack which at the moment is stocked with pallet slats all de-nailed ready for up coming projects. At some point in the near future we plan to start an online Etsy shop featuring small items all handmade from recycled materials.

I'm Jenna and I came into this world sometime in 2010. In Naples. My exact birthday and age is unknown because when I was just a pup my siblings and I were abandoned by our owner and so were left to fend for ourselves. Back then I was pretty skinny, but this woman from some animal charity kept coming to give us food.  Then one day she took me to her house. I don’t know what happened to my sisters. Some weeks later she put me in a cage in the back of a 4x4 with a couple of other dogs I’d never seen before. We went on the longest journey, all the way to Milan. We drove to this car park and for the first time I saw those 2 up there.  It was then I knew what was happening. They’d come to rescue me. They both put their hands against my cage and I licked the salt off their skin. They fitted me with a new collar and Tom ran me round the car park, only I kept getting tangled up in the lead.

Now I’m part of the family. I'm walked every day and if I see a pheasant they don’t mind if I chase it as long as I come back. I have free roam of the house apart from their bed and sofa. They are cool guys, and they must think I am too with the amount of fuss I get.


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