Preparing for Christmas and at the same time the arrival of a new baby is absolutely not for the faint hearted. We’ve been so busy but we’re not complaining. And just to add to the madness we’ve also been designing, making and finishing these little beauties…

I nearly forgot about photo shoots using Alessia’s new homemade light box, pretty festive packing and final shipping. 

These serving trays are inspired by our love of geometrical shapes and repetitive patterns. A simple hexagon combined with complex, natural grain structures we think is an interesting harmony. 

I think they are rustic enough for the modern hipster home without giving away the true origin of the raw material, pallets. I chuckle when I see people buying new wood from the DIY shop only to take it home and beat it up to make it appear distressed and aged. Personally I get more satisfaction from breathing new life into something already old and discarded. After all that’s the main focus of our project.

The process is simple too. First I select some suitable boards which will make up the base. I clean them up by planing the two faces and edges, then glue edge to edge forming a blank panel. Then I cut the six sides. To get them all precisely the same length I have a jig with a fence set at 60 degrees to my table saw blade which I can then clamp a stop block to. Before gluing I cut rebates on each piece individually on the table saw, and when the hexagon is formed there is a nice recess to accept the base. Once the sides have been glued up I use it as a template to trace my shape on to the panel. I cut it out on the table saw, staying outside the line then I use a hand plane to get a perfect fit (hopefully).

Once that is glued in place it’s time for sanding and finishing. I sand up to 180grit, and use a combination of wood stains, boiled linseed oil and kitchen worktop oil. 

I love my little workshop but with limited tools and space I completely underestimated how much work is involved in batching out a quality product. On a daily basis I’m coming up with new ideas to increase workflow. All good fun.

Alessia has been using my tray (the prototype, the first one I made few months ago when we were not even sure if such project would ever see the light) in different rooms of the house and for different uses. It first served her as a tray for coffee and cakes in our kitchen. 

It  was then displayed in the living room as a pretty complement to our coffee table (purely for aesthetic). 

And now she uses it in the bedroom to store her glasses, mobile phone and knick-knacks all together on the top of our headboard.

Our hexagonal tray comes in 3 different sizes (28-32-38 cm/11-12.5-15 inches) and 3 finishes (natural, teak and walnut).

They are officially for sale so if you want one shoot us an email at writetohandmadetoast@yahoo.com to enquiry about shipment, delivery time and prices etc.

Until next time.

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