Part Two of our recent trip to the mountains. Here's Part One if you would like to read...

Next morning we tucked into a huge breakfast buffet offering cakes, toast, jam, cereal, tea, coffee, juice, boiled eggs, bread, cheese, ham, yoghurt, fruit etc, then got in the car and headed for a place called Serrai di Sottoguda

We  didn’t want to risk going too high with Alessia in her pregnant state so this was a great alternative. 

It’s a narrow canyon with ice cold flowing rapids that leads up to a place called Malga Ciapela where in the winter season we found out you are welcome to take part in the local triathlon ;) 

From Malga Ciapela you can take a cable car up to an impressive height of 3265m…From where we were standing it looked like a vertical ascent, definitely not for the faint hearted and unfortunately off limits for us at this point in time but already in our bucket list perhaps in 4 or 5 years.

The staff at the hotel we stayed at were very friendly and helpful, and for our waitress nothing was too much trouble. Mountain food in fact can be rather challenging for whom, like us, have gone meat and dairy-free. The part that I most enjoyed when visiting though is the bread. Rustic and humble, with the smell of hay and the warm aroma of fennel seeds. I am indeed talking about one of my favourite breads, the one made with rye flour. At the dinner table we discovered a variation which consists of a hard flat bread served normally with cheese and cucumber called Schüttelbrot. Alessia’s new obsession is to try and replicate the flavour in our own kitchen. She is hunting for a good recipe at the moment so if anyone knows what I am talking about please let us know more.

Last day, after stuffing our faces at breakfast again, we decided to take another light walk on a designated trail called Retic. 

We  parked the car in a lay by and headed down the trail. With Jenna free to run the path took us around ancient farm buildings of local architecture, bright green fields and awesome panoramas. 

We  had lunch under a waterfall and I went mushroom hunting through the fallen needles of the towering fir trees. 

Of  course the trail ended with a beer or two accompanied by a slice of apple strudel.

Finally it was time to say Ciao to the mountains and head home. Next time, when the little one is born and old enough we’ll be hitting the peaks I’m sure.

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