The other weekend we paid a visit to one of our favourite neighbouring towns, Montagnana. Before moving to London Alessia shared a flat there with her sister so whenever we go it’s a chance to catch up with some old friends and enjoy a nice aperitivo. But last Sunday the monthly antiques market was on. 

I was hoping to find a bargain of some old wood working tools but to be honest things there tend to be a bit overpriced. Still, with camera in hand we browsed around the many stalls, soaking up the spring sunshine.

The historical town of Montagnana truly is a medieval jewel. As you approach from Vicenza you can’t help but notice the high towers peeking out above the houses, and as you get much closer it’s hard not to admire the staggering two kilometres of walls surrounding the town which are said to be the best preserved in Italy’s Veneto region. 

The streets are all cobbles and the alleyways throughout the centre really make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. It’s quite majestic. We still feel overwhelmed by its beauty each time we visit. 

If you happen to be around Venice for your gondola ride around the end of Summer you should also check out Montagnana to see the annual spectacular which is the Palio (first weekend of September). It’s a medieval festival where everyone taking part dresses in authentic costume. They’ll be knights jousting, bare backed horse racing, women spinning thread and baking bread and lots of mead drinking from horns etc. There is also a massive parade of marching bands with drummers and fanfare trumpets. It is like being inside a film set. 

Back to the market though. We had a bite to eat first at the Osteria Due Draghi. Alessia tried some buckwheat spaghetti with a sauce made from dry cured cod (BaccalĂ ), a very typical dish from Vicenza. I had a nice veggie burger made from lentils served in a homemade bread bun. Very tasty indeed! I could have eaten another one actually.

As I said before I had no luck finding my hand tools, and Alessia couldn’t find any old crockery that she liked either. Oh well, maybe next time. It was a nice relaxing day all the same.

Until next time.

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