The other weekend we paid a visit to one of our favourite neighbouring towns, Montagnana. Before moving to London Alessia shared a flat there with her sister so whenever we go it’s a chance to catch up with some old friends and enjoy a nice aperitivo. But last Sunday the monthly antiques market was on. 


I don’t know about you but for us this winter has been so mild. There was barely a snowflake. It’s as if spring has sprung a month early. Our Daffodils popped up at the end of January. I saw Cherry blossom coming out in the middle of February. Right now the sun reflects on my computer screen as I type. Does this mean summer’s going to be a scorcher? I suppose only time will tell. 


A few months back I was commissioned by Alessia’s sister to build her a coat rack. Having been on the hunt for a while without coming across anything she liked the look of, or anything that matched the required dimensions, she realized the way to go would be to have something custom built. She wanted two actually, one for her house to be mounted near the front door, and the other for her husband’s family’s small holiday apartment in the Dolomite mountains of Trento. The design would be the same for each, consisting of a backer to place the hooks, two decorative side pieces and a narrow shelf across the top for hats and gloves etc. A simple and strong, yet elegant design and a great use of some old pallet boards.
I’d had some hardwood pallet slats kicking around for a while and thought they’d be really nice to use.


Does going back to a place you’ve been to a few times before count as Exploring? Maybe, I don’t know. But we’re talking about London here, a city that is forever changing with something new to see each time you return. 

We went to visit T’s family on the south coast for a week or so and while there caught up with our best friends who’ve recently moved out of London to a place called Epping. Our first exploring spell was a day out in the city just to reminisce the good old days.