A first post is never an easy one to write, so I’ll keep it short and just explain a bit about our name. By the way, we don’t just make toast!! We’ve got three sub sections that all relate in some shape or form to a healthier lifestyle by living sustainably and making the most out of what we have to hand.
Try the build page for quirky wood working projects using pallets salvaged for free.


Feeling peckish? Looking for interesting menu ideas for a dinner party? The cook page offers a wide range of tasty, wholesome recipes. From luxurious seafood pasta, to a  humble slice of sourdough, char grilled, topped with homegrown cherry tomatoes, basil leaf and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. I can taste it now. I’m eager for summer to arrive so I can harvest the veggie delights the garden provides us with. 

Lastly, explore. This page serves as our travel journal. It could just be a leisurely afternoon stroll around an antique market, a walk through the colli with Jenna (see the About page), or even a full on holiday. But it could also be trying a new skill for the first time. Like when one day I decided to build a bookcase. I believe we should all explore at least once a week because if only for a short time you get to be a child again.     

Until next time.

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