Tired of endless sweeping? Don’t want to go out to get firewood more than once a day? 

During the winter months me and the wood stove both get a real workout.  

The stove, because on especially cold days it’s fired up from morning until bedtime. And I chop logs. But I’m not complaining.  I find it very satisfying working for my heat. It’s that getting back to basics that unfortunately most of us here in the modern world just don’t have time for. 

You can also cook on it. And we often do. Twist open the vent at the bottom,  remove the centre on the hot plate and there’s enough heat to boil a 3litre pan of water. When sautéing mushrooms I like to pretend I’m off-grid in a log cabin somewhere. Food seems to taste better when a small amount of energy has been saved. Or maybe that’s just me.  

Wet laundry? No problem. We have a washing line nailed to one of the ceiling beams above. I admit it can get a little claustrophobic in the kitchen when the bed sheets are hanging up, but I prefer this to turning on radiators!
With its many uses, it plays a big part in our house. But one major downside is the amount of dust..  And after a little bit of research I found that most dust occurs when transporting logs indoors from my outdoor wood store. To get around this issue I built a simple box out of some recycled fencing I acquired for free from my father in law. I then mounted casters and it reminded me of a  bottle bin like you’d find behind the bar in a busy nightclub. It can store about a 2 day supply of logs, and has dedicated/easy access areas for tongs, brush and poker. It’s narrow enough so that it can be tucked away neatly under the breakfast bar side of an IKEA kitchen island.  
Length 1000mm   Width 300mm  Height  700mm 
So far we have gotten a lot of use out of it and I am sure we will for many winters to come.

Until next time.

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